At Aylesbury Picture Frames, we pride ourselves on doing a high quality framing job, for all customers. If you are unhappy with any framing work we undertake, we will be pleased to reframe the job to your satisfaction. In undertaking any such reframing at your request, we will only charge you for any new material that you order (for example, a different colour matboard, or a different moulding style).

Any significant blemishes in the moulding, or items of dust or dirt, that escaped our stringent attention in the original sealing of the article, will be remedied at no charge within the initial 6 months after the original completion of your job.

In discussing your requirements, we will always ask about your artwork, and advise you on how best that artwork should be framed. There are 5 different standards of framing that have been internationally specified by the Fine Art Trade Guild (FATG), and a good description of each of these can be found on their website.

When seeking quotes on picture framing, you should understand the differences between these standards, as quotes for picture framing can vary considerably depending on which particular framing standard is going to be applied to your artwork.