The mouldings constitute the picture frames. A wide range of different colours, features and profiles are available in mouldings for you to choose from. These mouldings vary from small sizes of less than 10mm up to mouldings that are 100mm wide, and from plain stained timber to ornate gold or silver frames and everything in between!!  If we don't have a moulding to your liking within our 350 samples on display, then browse our supplier's catalogues and choose from well over 3000 different mouldings!!

All our mouldings are cut to size using a high quality Italian-made mitring guillotine. This simultaneously cuts double mitres at 45° resulting in perfectly matching corner joins of the frame.

To finish, the  frame is then glued and assembled using a Vee nailing machine (sometimes called an "underpinner"), resulting in a sturdy and secure frame that is perfectly square.