Who hasn't got some form of memorabilia gathering dust, or getting scratched and marked somewhere? Why not have those items framed, thereby preserving them from any further damage, and at the same time providing a pleasing display for all your friends and family to view?

One example of what can be done with War Service Medals is shown alongside.


Sporting memorabilia is now extremely popular, both from a collecting and investment point of view. Football jumpers, sporting achievement awards, posters etc, can look so much better when professionally framed, and proper framing ensures that the item will be better preserved over time as well as increasing its overall value.




As well as undertaking the framing of posters, prints, football jumpers, etc, we also have access to a wide range of high impact 3-dimensional acrylic products that are highly suitable for framing not just a photo, but an actual football, golf ball, Cricket or tennis ball, or even sporting caps.

With the right selection of an accompanying photograph and an engraved plaque, the unique framed item will add to the ongoing pleasure of capturing those sporting moments for a lifetime. The finished articles are highly suitable as Collectables, Sporting Club Awards, Gifts, Milestones or even Corporate Presentations.


These 3-Dimensional products are suitable for framing any of the following:-

  • Footballs, including AFL, Rugby and Soccer,
  • small basketballs,
  • cricket, tennis or baseballs, and
  • golf balls.

These can be framed in a small frame with just a ball (cricket, tennis, golf, squash, etc) and an engraved plaque, or they can also be combined with a photograph or print in a larger frame.

Are you or your Cricket Club looking for Cricket Match Trophies?

  • Consider having the match ball framed for the "Man of the Match"
  • Why not frame the cricket ball that took a hat trick, 5 wickets in an innings or 10 wickets in a match?
  • Frame the cricket ball that the Century was scored with, along with the Score sheet from the day?

Along with the engraved plaque, a score card, or a photo, these make a beautiful and long lasting treasured memento. These trophies can be adapted for almost all sporting clubs.

Do you have a signed tennis ball, or a signed cricket ball from a sporting legend (as below); have you kept that golf ball that you "holed in one" with?  Why not have it framed to enjoy for ever? 

The final product is truly limited only by your imagination!!