The coloured border around a picture/poster etc is called a matboard.

The matboard maintains a space or border between the outer picture frame material, and the picture itself. Of importance, is that the matboard provides a space between the glass and the picture. As a general rule, almost all artwork looks better when a matboard surround is included within a frame; this is because the matboard is used to focus the attention onto the actual image.Img6.png Glass is almost always necessary as it protects the coloured matboard from any damage, and more importantly the actual framed image inside the matboard.

At Aylesbury Picture Frames, we use only the highest quality mat boards, to ensure that your artwork/photographs etc always remain in excellent condition. The matboards that we particularly use all provide an acid-free surface with consistent colour and high strength, while for long term preservation framing, we use, and strongly recommend, alpha-cellulose matboards which provide the best level of protection for your artwork.

We utilise  "Regular", "Conservation" and "Museum" quality matboards, the final choice of matboard type being left to the customer, after a discussion of the merits of each type of board. Through our supplier, we can provide you with matboards from either Peterboro or Crescent, both of whom are well-known, world-wide matboard manufacturers.

All mat boards generally have a white core which provides a clean bevelled edge with excellent brightness, to add highlight to the framed article. If desired, matboards with a blackcore are also available which can add that special highlight to black and white prints/photos, without the use of a double mat.  Other variations of matboards with different coloured cores are also available.



Looking for something just that little bit different?

We also have available other styles of matboards, including designer silkscreen and designer suede materials.  We literally have hundreds of different samples of matboards for you to choose from, in a wide range of colours and finishes.

cframes2.png Whether you require a standard sized opening for your photos, multiple openings on the same matboard, or perhaps something a little bit special for your prints, we can cut bevelled-edge openings in whatever rectangular, circular, or oval shape that you desire. As well, a combination of these can provide "Cathedral Mats".

All matboard cutting is performed using a professional matboard cutter, allowing for a wide variety of finishes to the matboard opening, such as vee-groove surrounds, corner highlights, double or triple mats, etc.