Once the frame has been completed, the artwork has been hinged to the matboard (or the mounting board), the glass and the backing board have been cut to size, then the work is assembled into the completed product. Generally, all of our framing is assembled in accordance with the following industry recommendations. For non-conservation framing, there are some slight variations to this assembly.

In finishing the completed product, we provide a complete service which includes:

  • Final cleaning of both sides of the glass, to ensure a clean, sparkling surface that is lint, dust and streak free, particularly on the inside of the glass;
  • Attaching the components to the frame, using removable flexible nailing points, or the more solid framer's points;
  • Complete sealing of the frame, using high quality, acid-free backing tape, or a dust cover as illustrated above. This prevents ingress of dust and other particles into the assembly;
  • Felt "bumpons" on the bottom corners of the frame. While these protect your walls from any scratches, they also provide space for air to circulate around the frame; and
  • plastic coated hanging wire for easy hanging of the completed product. Where requested, this can be replaced with either a hanging point on the top of the frame, or a stand, for those frames that are to be placed on a shelf, or wall unit.

All of the above services are a standard offering in every assignment we undertake, and are included in any price that we quote you.